Lesson Learned

happiness & freedom


We all go through things that we do not like in life, and that is a part of this AMAZING experience that we get to enjoy while physically on Earth. In my opinion, every challenge that we are faced with in life helps us to learn a specific lesson that we can then apply to any future situation to prevent it from happening again.

Life would be oh so perfect if we applied the teachings that were taken from every circumstance as soon as an opportunity arose wouldn’t it? Or even more perfect if we could just lead immaculate lives right??? WRONG! Your life and the entire planet would be so boring that without any obstacles to help mold our personalities and the way we look at things, a lot of people would most likely (more than likely) end their time here prematurely. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

Everything that you have experienced from childhood to this amazing article that you are currently reading makes you who you are. Could you honestly recount every “unfortunate” situation in your life and say that it didn’t teach you something? If you can, then you are lying…(yes you are!) and I will be the first to let you know. By the way, Not yet understanding the reason for an event, and saying that there was nothing to be learned from it are two different things so…good try.

Let’s say that you understand the checks and balances that come during your visit to this planet. If this awareness has been reached, then my job in also coming up with that conclusion is to reassure you that everyday you have the chance to be happy and go after every goal that you plan on accomplishing. What makes one person elated does not always float someone else’s boat. So you trying to go after what you see other people do, thinking that the same warm fuzzy feelings will automatically come to you as well is not guaranteed. Once you take the time to understand who you are, part of that understanding will answer the enlightening question of what makes you happy.

We all have a purpose. We are all unsure of what exactly that purpose is in the beginning. There are some of us that find it out while still children, and others not until a bit later on in life, but it does not mean that those who saved turtles every year since they were five and joined the Department of Environmental Protection are better than you. Is one rain drop better than another for falling to the ground faster?? Exactly. We can all lead purpose-filled lives, we just have to be willing to go after our dreams and goals with relentless focus and awareness that we can have ANYTHING in this world.

How do I get anything in the world?? Im so glad you asked!

No goal is ever purposely reached without the assistance of a handy-dandy plan. Sit down without the TV or social media and begin to map out your route to WORLD DOMINATION! Write down what you would like to accomplish and then list the things that you will need to do in order to get there. Do research, ask others that are already established in that particular career and begin to do things that will start helping you to get to your dream.

If your dream is really YOUR dream, then sticking with any course of action that will help you to get there should not be hard to do. This is because you have made that phenomenal plan (see above paragraph) and it is now in ACTION, so there should be no excuse that you form or make up in that infinitely intelligent brain of yours as to why anything that stands in the way of you and your dream is “hard”. Excuses are the easy way out of things that you do not understand or want to face. you should make the choice on the journey of your life to not allow excuses to get in the way of your internal greatness.

Fear is a mindset. Danger is an actual circumstance. Knowing the difference between the two is one of the first steps to success in this step. When you are afraid of something you tend to stay away or avoid it right? Whenever you are faced with something that you are afraid of an anxious feeling forms within you. You begin to feel as if you are actually in real danger and in some cases you may even start to perspire. If I have caused you to think of an instance where this has occured, or you are currently in a situation with a fear, there is only one question that I would like you to ask yourself in the case of one or either predicament…ready?…OK…just so you know you need to promise yourself that you will ask this question whenever you have fear…OK here goes…I want you to ask yourself WILL I DIE??…is your heart certainly going to stop beating? will the world end? If the answer is the only choice of no, then why are you occupying any space in the realm of thought for it?

Fear keeps us from living our lives, that is all. None of us know how much time there is or more importantly how much we individually have. Failure is a part of your initiation into the secret club of success. Yes folks, success is a CLUB, and only those that realize that are given the all-access card to the VIP life of valet parking and bottle poppin on yachts. Want to join? well you can’t be a coward. sound harsh? Well then maybe you are the one human that was born without a destiny that involves happiness. But wait, isn’t that a destiny as well??…

No two snowflakes are the same, just as no two people are. Too many people attempt to do things while stepping in the exact footprint of someone that did it before them. That is one of the best ways to begin your application to the club of success, aka fail. I hope that you heard this before now, but you are unique. You have skills, personality traits, thought processes and connections that are all available whether you have fully realized them or not. Maintain that signature in everything that you do, and begin to realize that what makes you different is actually what makes you successful.

You are a phenomenal person that is capable of doing whatever you set your mind to accomplish. You can either live your life saying “I was going to…” or “I did…”, the choice is always yours and no one else’s to make. After all, it is always more fun to play the game than sit on the sideline being a critic.

Plan and Conquer…you got this! <(*3